Alke - Black and White Agate Necklace

$ 235.00

"You can't mix those stones with that big piece of glass," said someone who walked into my studio. "Oh no? Watch me!" I could see that the stunning 37mm Murano glass bead matched all the strength of the milky white agate beads with their black inclusions. Even the wisps of red in the stones mirrored the pure glass bead hand-blown by a master in Venice. All I had to do was find the combination of old and new Murano pieces, the right amount of black obsidian beads, plus all the smaller beads to form gentle transitions. The result is a power piece that you can wear from boardroom to candlelit restaurant ... and no one will be able to take their eyes off you!

Energies: This agate balances your yin-yang energy and stabilizes your aura. It imparts strength and courage, and highlights your innate creative talents. The obsidian dispels negativity while grounding and protecting you. The glass has its own metaphysical properties, representing and carrying the energies of transformation, the merging of elements, rebirth, focus and communication. The colors carried by the glass transmit the vibrations of the specific color energies, in this case, red, black and gold.

Maximum length: 24.5 inches, finished off to that length (or shorter), including the clasp of your choice.  Click on 'Make It Yours' tab for details.

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