Make It Yours

As if these jewelry pieces weren't already special enough, we've made it possible for you to customize your necklace and really "Make It Yours."

First, the length: We can finish your necklace off at the length that is marked in its description (that is, 24 inches, 23 inches, etc.) ... or anything shorter. (We shorten at the upper ends, so it doesn't affect the look or value of the piece.)

You can pick a length from the illustration below. While it's a good guess, everyone's neck is a different size, so it might not hit exactly where it looks on the illustration. It's far better to find a necklace you own (not a thin little chain, but something more substantial) that is a length you like and measure it end-to-end. That way, you'll know it's perfect!


14" = 36cm    16" = 41cm    18" = 46cm    20" = 51cm    24" = 61cm

Next, the clasp: Different people like different types of clasp. You can leave the choice up to us. Or you can pick one of the three following "types" of clasp. We'll then select a clasp of that type that matches the style and weight of your special necklace.

And ... voila! Your necklace will very quickly be on its way in its own custom "snuggly"!  (A snuggly is a handmade, fleece-lined blue fabric tube we make for your necklace to be sure it travels and can be stored safely.)