About Sharon O'Day

Here's a peek at who's behind these necklaces ...



My Dad owned mines in Brazil, so we grew up with stones and crystals everywhere. We tripped over huge quartz crystals and used chunks of amethyst and rose quartz as doorstops. I loved their energy, and especially their natural roughness.

Many years later, when my businesses took me to Europe, I discovered the sensuousness of hand-blown glass in Murano, Italy. Beautiful Venetian glass. Beautiful glass, period.

I spent decades trying to combine stone and glass into something in my mind.


One day I drew a sketch on a napkin in an airport. The idea seemed to come out of nowhere, like a "download" of sorts. And my concept was born. A necklace: half large rough stones, half fine glass in multiple rows. Asymmetrical, but balanced.




First came my search for agates, quartzes and other stones with all their natural imperfections. Nowhere was too far off the beaten track to find stone-lovers and stone-fabricators who could supply polished slices and chunks of natural stone.

The next step was to find Venetian glassblowers and suppliers I could build relationships with, those artisans who still employed centuries-old techniques. Antiques dealers also turned out to be a great resource for lovely glass. Some old, some new. Some Murano, some not.

Last, but not least, came mastering jewelry-making techniques.


Today, each finished piece is a labor of love. It is designed and assembled by me for the woman who wants others to ask where she got that exquisite piece of jewelry (which they will!) ... the woman who uses jewelry to declare her rightful place in this wonderful world of ours.

Have you found yours yet?