Turan - Orange Agate Necklace

$ 200.00

Three huge pieces of exquisite orange agate, the largest reminding us of the "Boot of Italy". These are surrounded by matching agate beads ... nothing subtle about this piece! Balancing the agate are three strands filled with lightness and fun: vintage Murano beads from the old master glass blowers, tiny crystal cubes, silver-lined hearts and translucent orange agate pillows that look like tangerine candy. Paired with a white linen dress, or even your favorite v-neck t-shirt, this necklace tells the world you're no shrinking violet!

Energies: Agates in general balance your yin-yang energy and stabilize your aura. They impart strength and courage, and affect different chakras depending on their color. The color orange, one of nature's most powerful colors, is related to joy and friendship, giving orange agate the power to combine, integrate and unite. As orange is the color of physical pleasure, it is logical that orange agate is a healing stone of the sacral chakra, controlling the information between the body and the mind, and the mind and the body. The glass, which carries the energy of transformation, also transmits the vibrations of the specific color energies, in this case, orange, a fire energy that brings joy, friendship and pleasure.

Maximum length: 24 inches, finished off to that length (or shorter), including the clasp of your choice.  Click on 'Make It Yours' tab for details.

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