Joy of Life Bracelet™

$ 37.00

Let me celebrate your life in beads!  You tell me whether you remember each year as a celebration (you fell in love, you had a little one, you won an Oscar), a loss (loss of a parent or loved one, a divorce, losing a job you loved), a year of growth (you traveled, went to college, went on a spiritual quest). Years you don't mark are just regular ol' years.

You don't share any details with me, you just mark a real easy form with the kind of year it was.  And I do all the rest.  You give me your wrist size and how old you are this year.  All the additional beads needed to make this celebratory bracelet the right length are clear, meaning you have a blank slate to design and create those years as you wish! 

This is a double wrap bracelet made of beautiful 4-mm silver- or gold-lined glass beads, leading to three silver pebbles that read J-O-Y, then finished off with a 15-mm silver-over-brass Italian style clasp.  (If you wear yours 24/7 like I do, eventually a little brass will peek through.  If that bothers you, let me know and I'll use another clasp.) 

How does this work?  You order a Joy of Life Bracelet™ and you enter your best email address on the payment page so we can communicate.  You download the Design Sheet from the PDF link down below, you fill it out and email it to me.  As soon as I get the form back, I make the bracelet, put it in a special little box and mail it to you.  That's it.  (Taxes, U.S. shipping and handling are all included in the price.)

By the way, these make fabulous gifts for everyone from teenagers to Boomers.  I've had people stop me in the grocery store and the airport asking me where I got mine ... and they don't even know the story behind it!

Unique.  Goes with everything.  And so affordable.

Energies: Made almost exclusively of glass, with its transformational energies, the colors of the glass transmit the vibrations of their specific color energies.  In this case, pink is for nurturing, kindness and love.  Yellow is for happiness, wealth and joy.  Green is for growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Dark amber is for calming, grounding and stabilizing the emotions.  Blue is for calmness, stability and tranquility.  And clear is excellent for amplifying the energies of the other colors:  it reflects light, balance and successful beginnings.

Length: Two times the size of your wrist, plus a couple of inches so it glides comfortably on your arm.

Click on the link to download the Design Sheet Instructions in PDF format so you can see exactly how this works!